The two-block chair is a dedicated and challenging project.
The idea stems from our interest in exploring the materiality of stone and pushing our own limits a bit further on what is possible to do with such a magnificent material.

The chair, as its name suggests, is a piece composed of two blocks of smooth and simple forms that aim to highlight the material, while the chair serves as a medium, a messenger of the marble’s own sublimity.

This piece is part of my personal archive during the years I worked for Six N. Five Studio as director of product design and serves exclusively to document the work I carried out at the studio.


Directed by Artur de Menezes and Ezequiel Pini

Size: 66 x 70 x 68cm
Material: Natural Portugual Rose Marble
Weight: 450 Kg

Collectible Design Fair Brussels (2022)
“Objects with Narratives” gallery

Art Basel Switzerland (2022)
Moco Museum x Six N. Five at Netjets Lounge

Where to find: Objects with Narratives