Brazilian industrial designer based in Barcelona, I am constantly exploring the boundaries of design through the use of digital tools. I am a former product design director at the prestigious Six N. Five studio, where I led several furniture projects, participating in both the conceptual processes through to the final physical piece.

I have a Master in Design Through New Materials from ELISAVA, the School of Design and Engineering in Barcelona, which has broadened my understanding of materiality as an important medium in the design process, as well as the latest materials and technologies in the industry.

I am active in the furniture industry, designing for both brands and individual clients around the world. My focus is on creating functional and visually stunning pieces that enhance people's lives.

In addition to my commercial work, I also engage in spec-oriented digital projects and collaborate with studios, design galleries and artists around the world. I am always looking for new ways to push the limits of design and create new possibilities in the field, while retaining a deep passion for creating beautiful objects.


Travessera de Dalt, 34 -  Entresuelo 1ª
08024 Barcelona, Spain.