The OLA Sofa lies in the nature of relaxing. Inspired by the Mediterranean Sea, the shape evokes the sensation of drifting in calm waves.

At home, the feeling is cultivated through a state-of-the-art memory foam based on research from space technology. Extremely durable and yet ultra soft, OLA will adjust to every shape with gentle tenderness. Offering a previously unknown comfort, which will set new standards.

A modular system that combines flexibility, simplicity and yet rigor to details: OLA Sofa, Lounge Chair and Pouf. In line with that philosophy, removable covers are made of the highest quality fabrics.

OLA marks the first collaboration between the Barcelona-based design studio Six N. Five and the Berlin furniture brand OUT. The collection intends to build up a bridge that celebrates the contrast and attraction between the two European cities.

This collection is part of my personal archive during the years I worked for Six N. Five Studio as director of product design and serves exclusively to document the work I carried out at the studio.


Directed by Artur de Menezes and Ezequiel Pini for OUT OBJEKTE UNSERER TAGE